Why Mentat Leverages Algorand for SAP Connector

4 min readNov 28, 2020


Enterprises need competitive advantage. Algorand provides that competitive edge through scalability on its blockchain making enterprise operations on-chain faster and smoother. The Algorand blockchain network is an open source network that uses pure proof-of-stake that provides a scalable, speedy and decentralized system that enterprise type applications need.

There is the need for a high level of transparency in sharing information. Enterprises need to be able to track their transactions and enhance their supply chain management process.

Algorand blockchain would help revolutionize business models as it allows enterprises to carry out their various transactions with untrusted parties. It makes sure that all participants involved in the transaction reach a consensus before it goes into the Ledger.

To crown it all, Algorand seeks to increase its position aligning the strategic goals of enterprises on the blockchain which is why the integration with Mentat innovations is ground breaking. Both organizations come together to enhance enterprise blockchain and also to proffer solutions to age long problems.

What Is Mentat Innovation?

Mentat innovations is a company in London that offers solutions to blockchain and artificial intelligence for enterprises. It has taken up the mission of unlocking the hidden value that is in their data. Mentat helps in accelerating the performance of enterprises by offering transparent solutions and applied software development based on up-to-date academic innovations.

This company helps enterprises to understand their data by opening their eyes to the value behind it. They unlock this data and proffer solutions by suggesting a collaboration. Mentat helps enterprises in training stockholders in order to enhance their performance. As a company, Mentat is committed to using AI solutions to improve production environments.

In addition to the solutions they provide, Mentat helps enterprises to explore their datasets. Mentat innovations achieve this by closely examining the key questions and KPIs that would determine success for those they offer their services to. The analysis results are then used as a guide for the architecture that serves as an answer to the problem.

Furthermore, this company is popular for its services in helping you model your static data by using recent AI techniques and technology. As an innovative company focused on providing artificial intelligence solutions, they help users to build full stack results that can be deployed on premise, on the cloud or on the edge of the network.

Despite all the remarkable features of Mentat, they need Algorand to help them improve their system and the question that comes to mind is “why?”

Benefits Of Leveraging On Algorand

There are certain benefits that come with leveraging on the Algorand system especially for enterprises. Blockchain is transforming the interaction between businesses and their customers, Algorand does that for Mentat with it’s exceptional features.

Global Scale

Algorand helps enterprises like Mentat to scale to a large number of users by sustaining a high transaction rate that does not incur other costs from participants. Algorand addresses Mentat’s enterprise goals with its open-source implementation process that allows enterprises to reach the requirements needed to operate on a higher level for the SAP connector.

This way, enterprises can comply with its privacy regulations systems under a highly secure system while still reaching many users. By leveraging on Algorand, Mentat increases the efficiency level of the solutions that they naturally render.


Enterprises are easily faced with different challenges when it comes to making their transactions. However, Algorand blockchain creates the opportunity for them to Mentat to help enterprises proffer solutions in a safe and secure environment. This would allow their verified blocks to be stored on multiple nodes that cannot fail at the same time. Due to this feature, enterprises can enjoy the resilience of the Algorand network.

Also, the user’s stake is protected as the participation key and spending key is separated. This system allows users to store their keys offline. Algorand consensus protocol also offers a high level of security to enterprises that makes it difficult for an adversary to attack the system. Mentat would transfer this feature to it’s open source SAP connector.


The speed of the Algorand system is unmatched. This system would allow Mentat to get ahead of their competition quickly because of the advantage that Algorand offers. As a blockchain system, Algorand can finalise over 1000 transactions under 5 seconds.

Risk is avoided with this speed as it eliminates the possibility for the trust less execution of transactions. This is mainly achieved with Algorand’s Layer-1 features. By leveraging on Algorand, Mentat can provide artificial intelligence solutions to enterprises through a highly efficient means for the SAP connector.


The blockchain network is a naturally transparent system that allows enterprises to track their records. Mentat can rely on Algorand as their transactional process can be highly trusted. Also, the confidentiality of the data in various enterprises is secured within the Algorand blockchain creating a system where all users can transact with confidence.

Mentat can gain this confidence from the enterprises that they serve as their users would be able to have access to relevant data made available for various uses. With Algorand, it is also easy for enterprises to trace their data history which helps them in using this technology for regulatory compliance.


By integrating with Algorand, Mentat gives those who deploy on the SAP connector the ability to change their private spending key at any time they want. Algorand’s smart contract architecture makes it possible for them to change their private spending key in a way that has no effect on their public address. This way they can continue to keep their assets in the same public address. Using this system would allow enterprises to reduce their operational burdens.


With this integration, all enterprises that are on the ecosystem of the SAP platform would be able to seamlessly interoperate with Algorand’s blockchain. It would further increase the influence of the Algorand network by serving as a game changer for enterprises through Mentat innovation




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