Algorand Consensus

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Algorand protocol technology comes to the rescue of matters regarding decentralization, security and scalability. These issues are solved with its Decentralized Byzantine agreement protocol. This protocol uses Pure Proof Of Stake that allows for speedy transactions.

Since the blockchain space is gaining more attention, many inherent problems need to be solved. People have come to discover the different advantages that the system possesses and how it contributes massively to the financial sphere.

However, before Algorand, the system was prone to certain problems that affected scalability. Technical barriers presented themselves in various ways that undermined the adoption of blockchain.

Algorand uses different mechanisms to make sure that the problems of the blockchain space are solved. But first, you need to know what Algorand is.

What Is Algorand?

Algorand is a Boston based technology company that was created by Silvio Micali. Algorand is the first technology to be built that is an open source, permissionless system that uses pure proof-of-stake.

The company was founded in 2017 and launched on the 12th of June 2019. Algorand uses a dual layer system for its smart contracts. By using two tiers, both simple and complex transactions as done within the same short time speed.

The pure proof-of-stake Algorand consensus protocol allows token holders to participate in the consensus mechanism. Apart from that, they get rewards that are easy to claim via the Algorand wallet on their phones and laptops.

Algorand boasts of it’s high transaction speed that finalises transactions in just 5 seconds. Unlike Ethereum, Algorand uses as cheap as $0.001 as its transaction cost. This sets it apart from other blockchain technologies based on its speed and low cost.

This blockchain technology uses the Algorand consensus protocol that helps in enhancing security and promoting a decentralized system. With Algorand, there is a high level of assurance that you are free from any security risk.

Features Of Algorand Consensus Protocol

Users Are Selected At Random For Block Certification

When new blocks are proposed to the network, Algorand needs users to approve the block to the system. This blockchain technology uses two different committees. The first uses a soft vote to vote between the various proposals to narrow it to one. The second committee uses the certify vote to certify the block to be written into the ledger.

However, in order to propose these blocks, Algorand picks users at random to join the committee by using the cryptographic sortition. If most of the users are participating honestly, the block certification is completed.

Decentralized Algorand Protocol Management

Algorand consensus protocol is a decentralised system that shifts power from the central system itself. This system involves committees that are selected to make decisions through which decentralization is completely achieved. Algorand uses its sortition method to create one of the most decentralized systems ever created. Apart from that, it requires the full participation of these users in order for decisions to be made. This protocol management system transfers power to its participants.

High Level Of Security

Because Algorand gives so much power to its participants, one can start to worry about the security of the system. However, Algorand builds a highly secure system that is so powerful that adversaries cannot penetrate it.

There are two major features of the Algorand consensus protocol that makes it extremely difficult for corruption.

One of the features is that the users that are selected for the certification of a new block are unknown to the public. This makes it difficult for adversaries to determine who to attack. The second is that participants are disclosed only after they have voted which would make it impossible for them to be attacked.

Algorand protocol is structured in a way that despite its high level of decentralization, there is no compromise on security.

Encouraging Reward System

Algorand runs an encouraging reward system for its users based on the stake that they have. The reward that they receive is in proportion to their stake for every single block that is committed to the chain. This system is put in place by Algorand to improve their level of decentralization and gain more users into the platform.

Flexible Algorand Protocol Development

This is the greatest feature of the Algorand protocol. Algorand has a system called Protocol evolution that allows the system to keep developing. They make sure that their policies are flexible and prone to change based on the votes of the Algorand community. After the proposed evolution is posted on the blockchain, Algorand consensus is used to either accept or reject the proposal based on the voting system.

This protocol development helps in eliminating any hard fork that could cause problems for the community. Through this, Algorand takes decentralization to the next level by allowing its users to be able to reach a consensus on any matter. The consensus even includes a protocol upgrade.

Why You Should Use Algorand

Algorand is a blockchain technology that has come to make life easier and better for all. This is the major reason why Algorand should be used by you. Apart from making your financial transactions easy, Algorand creates a highly conducive environment for that.

Most times, the major problem with finances is the environment. However, the Algorand protocol is structured in a way that discourages any alteration of the normal workings of the system. The system is impenetrable and completely safe for all your transactions.

Furthermore, Algorand is notable for empowering its users especially in making crucial decisions. Although the system was built by Algorand, they have entrusted most of the major decisions to the consensus procedure that consists of participants. This way users can be fully involved in the important runnings of the blockchain system.


Algorand consensus protocol is the answer to many problems that has been waging war against the blockchain sphere. As usual, Algorand comes with answers and a better way to get transactions done in a stress free manner. Now you can get all you desire in a blockchain technology and more by using Algorand.




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